“Chowdary Spinners Limited was able to understand our processes and accordingly supply dyed yarns in Warp Beam forms thereby reducing our Inventory!”

Weavers from Karimnagar

Towels by Pring fashions ltd

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Cone yarns

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Fancy yarns

Bright colors & designs of these simple woven towels are easy to use, good on absorption and quick to dry having excellent color fastness.

100% Cotton yarn dyed towels from our subsidiary Pring fashions limited

  • Kolkatta, West Bengal
  • Bhubneswar, Odisha
  • Karur, Tamil Nadu
  • Karimnagar, Telangana

“Chowdary Spinners Limited identified key areas for improvement. Our business is a success”

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Hank Yarns

AMSLER fancy SLUB YARNS in Karded Cones & Hanks of counts: 8 slub, 10 slub, 16 slub, 16 Lamba, 30 slub, 30 Max



Karded Single:

17 NF, 20, 24, 26, 32 & 40

Karded Double:
2/17 NF, 2/20, 2/30 & 2/40

Available in both Plain & Cross Reels (SHPR, DHPR, FHPR, SHCR, DHCR, FHCR)

Dyed yarns

professional business consulting

All yarns that are produced can be dyed and supplied in Cones & Hanks in our Cheese Dyeing and Cabinet Dyeing facility.

Shade Card with 40 colors available on request.

Karded Warp:

20, 2/20 TFO, 2/40 & 2/60

Karded Hosiery:

24, 30, 34 & 40